The Royal-T

The Royal-T is presented by Dianne Dunn. This speciality programme is an in depth look at the latest Royal rumours to be splashed across our magazines, newspapers and televisions. Unbeknown to these media outlets, a Royal reporter is here to dish out the T! Dianne serves up  a whole lot of truth to these headlines and further disseminates between what is fact versus fiction. A straight shooter with little to no time for fakery and falsity, Dianne is setting the record straight so listener beware – the truth about her beloved Royals is but a broadcast away when Dianne takes to the airwaves. The Royal-T airs: 

Dianne Dunn broadcasts live from the Grand Canyon state of Arizona. Matriculating from Northern Arizona University with a concentration in English and Sociology with an emphasis on British Literature, Dianne is a proud mother of two young women, as well as a wife of 25 years. Her love for all things Royal began during her childhood, and continued to grow steadily, finally blossoming into a life-long obsession as soon as she first stepped foot inside Windsor Castle. Combined with a fondness for writing, Dianne has been able to unite both of her passions in her work as a Royal reporter for The Crown Chronicles. Reporting on Royal matters over the past many years, Dianne is always up to date on the movements of the British Royal family, especially now that Prince Harry and his wife have moved state side. With her finger on the pulse of today’s royal landscape and a keen fascination of Royal history, Dianne presents The Royal-T to concentrate on breaking down Royal rumours in order to disseminate between what is fact versus fiction. 

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