The Royal Look

The Royal Look is presented by Taryn Bentaous. From Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to HRH, Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, “The Royal Look” examines royal trends in skincare, makeup, hair. and fashion. This programme is a fun and light-hearted look at how Royal ladies create their glamorous, classic, and iconic looks. Learn how to recreate these looks from head to toe, on any budget using our tips for creating “the look” for less. Join us for an educational tutorial and related discussion as to how royal ladies create their special kind of glamour that is famous around the globe. 

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Taryn Bentaous has been working in the beauty industry for the past four years as an Independent Beauty Consultant and Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Her passion for royal beauty and fashion dates to her childhood as a devoted admirer of the late Princess Diana in both her humanitarian work as well as her glamorous look. Taryn continues to admire the Royal ladies of today and loves their classic style.  Taryn has appeared many times as a guest on the Diva Talk Radio podcast, a fun and beauty centred approach to Diabetes outreach. Before joining the beauty industry in 2016, Taryn earned her PhD in Francophone Studies from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2006.  Her time as a student living in France and travelling in Europe has given her a unique perspective. Taryn currently teaches French part-time at a university in the Boston area in addition to running her business.

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