Royal In The Republic

Royal In The Republic is presented by Caston Evans, and is a weekly look at Monarchy, Kingship, Royalism and more, all from the last place you’d expect to find any of that: the furthest reaches of the United States of America: Seattle, Washington.

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Caston Evans is a devout monarchist, researcher and writer in Seattle, WA. Writing numerous poems and short stories, Mr. Evans  is currently writing a non-fiction book called The Coronation Stone, on the value of Kingship and the power of Royal symbols throughout history. Caston is politically active in his community and religiously involved within his Anglican faith, acting as an accepted lay ministry in the Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem, and is further ordained as a minister in the Universal Life Church.  From a political Science background, Caston attended Misericordia University and matriculated into the political fray of American midterm elections, managing an office for the incumbent Pennsylvania Governor in 2006. Later becoming a Regional Field Director and Advance for Hillary Clinton, and later Barack Obama, Caston then spent a year in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, before being elected to a committee position in Luzerne County, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, later running for the County Council and for the 2nd District Chairmanship. Caston served as 2nd District Chairman and party spokesperson, press secretary, media director, and Executive Committee member, appearing on television and radio for interviews and debates. His adjunct organisations are many, to which his work with the American Youth Scholarship Foundation and LGBTQ groups in extensive. Caston received a Lightning Bolt Award in 2012 and completed his four-year term as Chairman in 2014 before moving to Seattle with his partner. Becoming involved in the political scene, Caston also became involved in the tourism industry, promoting Seattle to visitors around the world, and became known in Washington State political circles for the advocacy of minority communities. Evans has been a writer with Seattle Planst Magazine and ExtraNewsfeed.Com. His work has been featured by the British Monarchists Society, and by Crown and Country Magazine. 

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