Rebuild The West

Rebuild The West is presented by Joseph Ralph Fraia. The programme focuses on how the West is in peril and what can be done not only to save it, but rebuild it. The pillars of Western Civilization have been weakened by years of self-indulgent nihilistic behaviours, maliciously induced by outside forces and further recklessly endorsed by members of our own society. It’s time to Rebuild the West.

Rebuild The West Airs Sundays at 2100 GMT. Replay on Wednesdays at 2100h GMT.

Joseph Fraia was born and raised in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY, during the tumultuous ‘70s. As a child he moved to Italy with his family, where he spent his youth and received most of his education. Aware that his presence in Europe would have been temporary, still a teenager, he became a ravenous traveller. For over 12 years, Joseph travelled extensively throughout Italy and visited most of the Europe’s many historic countries.

After he graduated with a Law degree and became a lawyer, he started to write scientific publications and kept travelling (mainly back and forth to the U.S.) and expanding the borders of his interest to the Far East. After a successful career as a lawyer, he started his entrepreneurial venture as a Business Developer and Project manager in New York. In the mecca of the showbiz, Joseph soon fell in with the media and communications industry and has never left.

In 2014 Joseph obtained his current position as Editor in Chief of Livein Style Magazine (a luxury lifestyle publication), and due to his love for storytelling, started his authorial career as a journalist, writer, speaker, and producer. Passionate about a wide range of interests from ancient mythology to contemporary art, from the Roman Empire to Game of Thrones, from graphic novels to movies and TV shows, from heavy metal to world music, from Esoteric-ism to Taoism, this insatiable curiosity has allowed him to develop a unique sensitivity in relating to and with people, educating people about the good life and developing relationships around the world. Joseph is proud radio host at Crown and Country Radio.

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