Crown & Country Radio’s programming includes talk and musical programming created exclusively for Crown & Country Radio. Our programming is unique in the fact that it offers an in-depth look at the world surrounding the British Royal Family, however there is more to Britain’s Royals than just being Royal. Topics such as art, music, politics, history, jewellery, architecture, the environment and many other themes, including adult themes such as sex, surround this topic. Here on Crown & Country Radio our listeners are introduced to countless topics which are related to and championed by the Royal family and their endeavours to contribute to and advance the charitable aspects of their wide-ranging and far-reaching patronages. The following programmes are featured staples on the Crown & Country Radio platform:

Talk Programmes

Royal Round-up

Discovering what has happened in the Royal rota each week, listeners are given a recap of the week’s Royal highlights. 

Chin. Gin. Grin.

A cheeky chat show about the Royals which features Thomas of Royal Round-up, Dianne of The Royal Tea, and a lot of Gin!

Leah XL

Tik-Tok sensation and brand journalist, Leah XL, discovers world-wide topics that matter to not only her fans, but you too!

The Royal Look

Re-create Royal glamour that is famous around the globe. Examine royal trends in skincare, makeup, hair, and fashion.

Politics Across the Pond

Discussing the latest issues facing the special relationship between the UK and America with Daniel McIlhiney.

Royal in the Republic

A weekly look at Monarchy, Kingship, Royalism and more, all from the furthest reaches of America: Seattle, Washington.

Rebuild The West

The West as we know it is facing an unprecedented time with many obstacles. How can it be improved and saved?

The Royal-T

Disseminating fact from fiction in response to the latest Royal rumours splashed around the media. 

Exclusive Music Programmes

Royal Sounds of The Realm

Featuring the most well known and little heard Royal songs you may or may not know. Learn history through song. 

Top 20 Summer 2020

Bringing you the hottest top 20 hits of the Summer for 2020!

Musical Memories of WWII

Dedicated to the men and women of WWII who gave so much. Music, speeches, testimony and military history.  

Best of British Boy Bands

A return to the 80's and 90's for famed harmonising boy bands, from one hit wonders to those still around. 

I Love London

Dedicated to the various musical scenes painted through lyric and verse about the capital of the United Kingdom, London. 

Best of British Girl Bands

A return to the 80's, 90's & 00's for famed harmonising girl bands, from one hit wonders to those still around.