Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills

Thomas founded Crown & Country Radio as a supplement to Crown & Country Magazine and the British Monarchists Society.  Known as "Mr. Monarchy", he is best known for the creation of the 2015 “Realms Portrait” for Her Majesty, and organising the 2017 Royal Wedding of Prince Philip of Serbia in Belgrade. He is most known for his live commentary at the Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at Windsor Castle in 2018.  

Leah Lander-Shafik

Living in the heart of the UK, Leah has been fascinated with the cultural differences and similarities between the UK and other nations throughout her life. She developed a large following on TikTok via her comparison videos and is now creating a travel guide for the UK through her platforms. Her show continues on the theme of the UK has whole and discusses the idea that there are parts of the UK that isn’t widely shared.

Joseph Fraia

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Joseph moved to Italy in the 1970’s. Well-travelled and educated, Joseph became a lawyer, writing for publications with a Far East theme. Returning to NY, he became a communications showbiz Business Developer and Project manager. In 2014 he became Editor-in-Chief to luxury lifestyle publication: Livein Magazine, working as a journalist, writer, speaker, and producer.      

Sophia Greenblat-Tal

With a heavy interest in monarchy and politics, Sophia brings together discussion about the latest news and politics facing the British monarchy.  With Crown & Country Radio since 2019, Sophia is Press Officer for the British Monarchists Society, and Communications Specialist for a Westminster firm. Spending her early life in multiple countries, Sophia currently studies Politics in the UK at UCL, UK.                   

Daniel McIlhiney

Daniel McIlhiney has been involved in politics, in the UK and USA, since the beginning of the Brexit referendum. He has worked as a political consultant, PR consultant and political commentator. 

Marie Seddon

Marie is patriotically passionate about Royal history, and loves to visit the many historic sights that the UK has to offer. Believing in keeping Royal British history within the education system through the nation, Marie works in Security Operations for private clients throughout the United Kingdom and recently discovered that she is a descendant of the Plantagenet Kings. Marie enjoys photography and has provided photographs for the National Trust and the national press.  

Taryn Bentaous

Taryn Bentaous has been an Independent Beauty Consultant and Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics for years. Her passion for royal beauty and fashion dates to her childhood. Taryn continues to admire the Royal ladies of today and loves their classic style. Taryn has studied and lived in France, and currently teaches French part-time at a university in the Boston area in addition to running her business.

Caston Evans

Caston is a devout monarchist, researcher and writer living in Seattle, WA. Writing numerous poems and short stories, Mr. Evans  is currently writing a non-fiction book called The Coronation Stone, on the value of Kingship and the power of Royal symbols throughout history. Castons adjunct organisations are many, to which his work with the American Youth Scholarship Foundation, and LGBTQ groups are extensive. 

Dianne Dunn

Dianne’s love for all things Royal began in her childhood and evolved into a lifelong interest.  Combined with a fondness for writing, she has united both of her passions in her role as a reporter for The Crown Chronicles. With her finger on the pulse of today’s Royal landscape, along with a keen fascination of Royal history, The Royal-T will concentrate on breaking down Royal rumours to disseminate between what is fact versus fiction.