Politics Across the Pond is presented by Daniel McIlhiney. Politics Across the Pond is a brief look at politics once a week, with a focus on the UK and US. The weekly update, dissects some of the most politically captivating stories from the week, with  insight on what they mean for the monarchy, the church, society as a whole and, of course, what these stories mean for you. This programme takes and in depth and sometimes unconventional look at the topics and issues affecting both the United Kingdom and the Unites States.  

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Daniel McIlhiney has been involved in politics, in the UK and USA, since the beginning of the Brexit referendum. He has worked as a political consultant, PR consultant and political commentator. Daniel is the branch coordinator for the British Monarchist Society, also works as their non-denominational religious representative and has just handed over his work as political outreach officer. He began his work as a Christian minister in various church and para-church organisations, training preachers from around the world from his base in Hungary and the United Kingdom. He has been involved in Westminster politics since the beginning of EU referendum and has been working ever since in campaigns both in the United Kingdom and United States, with various campaign advisory positions and candidate development work with an emphasis on public speaking. He has been featured as a political commentator on television and radio shows in both countries and has been a mainstay of American political commentary in the United Kingdom for some years, and has written a variety of blog and newspaper articles for publications across the Europe. He has always been a fervent advocate of the monarchy in Britain and around the world and has been involved in the society since 2018. Daniel continues to travel the world and speak on various topics, whilst studying a degree in Theology at the University of Oxford.

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