Crown & Country Radio
Single Source Content; Music and Programming License Agreement
Crown & Country Radio sources from the YoRadio streaming platform, and is registered within the YoRadio family of online streaming radio stations under the umbrella protections, music/content licenses and bespoke content agreements of parent company, Line-Up Media Group Ltd. YoRadio, through Line-Up Media Group Ltd. publishes streaming audio content across a number of streaming platforms within it’s created, owned and contracted remit across its varying themes of published online streaming platforms. This content is owned, operated and produced by YoRadio under the exclusive agreement contract in place with Crown & Country Radio, using original source technologies provided exclusively by YoRadio, including but not limited to, music tracking and blanket royalty technologies software registered to YoRadio and Line-Up Media Group Ltd., and provided for use on their streaming service platforms to which a copy of these licenses may be requested in writing directly from YoRadio and/or Line-Up Media Group Ltd. YoRadio’s operational services include, but are not limited to, listening/viewing on first, secondary, or third-party platforms, websites, streaming music platforms, podcasts, on-demand platforms, video and video streaming platforms, including Crown & Country Radio. Any and all content distributed by Crown & Country Radio, whether it be made exclusively for Crown & Country Radio through YoRadio productions, and distributed through YouRadio and/or Crown & Country Radio streaming platforms, is and remains the original first source property of YoRadio, and is therefore covered and protected by the blanket license agreements of the YoRadio family under the guidance and legal protections of Line-Up Media Group Ltd.
If for any reason that it is believed that any work has been broadcast, copied and/or produced in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, notification thereof, in accordance with the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, should immediately be sent (registered/recorded delivery) in writing to:
Attn: Chief Legal Officer
103 W. Vandalia, Suite #100,
Edwardsville, IL, 62025
United States of America
+001 (618) 659-1552 (phone) +001 (618) 659-2203 (fax)