Leah XL

Leah XL is presented by TikTok star Leah Lander-Shafik. The programme is a trip around the UK in a very different way. Talking about what makes the UK amazing, how it differs from that of other countries, for example the USA, and what wonderful things make up the United Kingdom. Points of interest, tips on where to go, where to shop, and what to see in different places abound, but there will also be special guests featured who will give their take on a particular subject being discovered. Guests range from an American living within the country talking about her experience living here, the UK Plus Size Fashion industry and how we have developed a wonderful body positive movement, as well as a social media “influencer” who is inspired by great UK comedy greats, who will be talking about classic UK comedy and why it’s the best in the world. Some shows might be topical and reflect the ever changing UK landscape, and others will be reflective, talking about British values. All LEAH XL shows are fun and interactive. LEAH XL airs….

Living in the heart of the UK, Leah has been fascinated with the cultural differences and similarities between the UK and other nations throughout her life. She developed a large following on TikTok via her comparison videos and is now creating a travel guide for the UK through her platforms. Her show continues on the theme of the UK as a whole and discusses the idea that there are parts of the UK that isn’t widely shared.

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