I Love London

A Crown & Country Radio exclusive programme presented daily at 1600h British Standard Time (BST).

“I Love London” is a special programme dedicated to the musical scenes painted through lyric and verse about the capital of the United Kingdom, London. Millions of people flock to this special city on the Thames not only for it’s historical sights, Royal events, and popular eateries, but also for the city’s world-famous music scene. This feature programme is presented by Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills who takes a deep look into the meaning behind many of the songs which have been both penned and sung about this very special and beloved city. Home to Thomas, and holding a very special place in his heart, listeners will learn about this very special and vibrant city through the songs created to reflect its beauty, excitement, and mystery. 

Featuring greats such as Petula Clark with “Meet Me In Battersea Park”, to “London Calling” by The Clash, to the funky sounds of The Pet Shop Boys with “West End Girls”, to the Crooner King himself, Michael Buble, singing “Foggy Day In Londontown”, this programme not only has some of the most fun and interesting songs about London, but a great range of voices which have defined this city for nearly a century. 

Famous places and landmarks appear in this musical line-up, including cafes, tube stations and even London’s famed grey skies. For those that live in and visit alike, the “Sound of The Underground” can not compete with the sounds of “The City”, or the sound of the traffic on “Warwick Avenue”. There is nothing quite like “Landing in London” during the midst of a fantastic “Waterloo Sunset”. I Love London covers all corners of this fascinating city and we invite our listeners to come along on this musical journey about and dedicated to the greatest city in the world.