The Best of British Boy Bands

A Crown & Country Radio exclusive programme presented daily at 1000h and 2130h M, T, Th-Sat British Standard Time (BST). Play time: 1hr. 53mn. 23s. 

“The Best of British Boy bands” is a return to the decade known for such great harmonising boy bands such as Five, Take That and many others. From one hit wonders to those still around, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills takes listeners on a return trip to the days of the boy band pop group craze. With what many listeners would identify as a trip down memory lane, singing to the sounds of the late 80’s and 90’s, others would certainly give a puzzled look as the modern boy bands of today have a distinct look and sound very different to the boy bands of older generations. Queue One Direction.

Looking at groups such as BB Mak, East 17, Blue, Phixx, Ultra, Upper Street, Right Said Fred, and many others that we have forgotten about, Thomas brings their familiar and fun sounds back into the now whilst looking at chart history, number one singles and the formula which made each British boy band unique in their own way. Some had staying power, some reinvented themselves and came back bigger and better than before as a solo act, and some were disappointingly one hit wonders, but what is for certain, is that they all contributed to one of the worlds greatest phenomenons – the decade of the British By Band.