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Our presenters come from a highly varied professional and personal background, offering something for every listener.


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Our Latest Talk Programming

Crown & Country Radio has a variety of programmes ranging from talk, beauty, health & fitness, and well-being, to exclusive music programmes, history discussions, and the latest from the Royal Rota. We are always adding new and interesting programmes for listeners of all ages!
Royal Roundup

Royal Round-up

Discovering what has happened in the Royal rota each week, listeners are given a recap of the week’s Royal highlights.

PATP-front page

Politics Across The Pond

Discussing the latest issues facing the special relationship between the UK and America with Daniel McIlhiney.

Royal T

The Royal-T

Disseminating fact from fiction in response to the latest Royal rumours splashed around the media.

Rebuild the West - Channel Art (1)

Rebuild The West

The West as we know it is facing an unprecedented time with many obstacles. How can the west we have known be improved and saved?

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Royal in The Republic

A contemporary look at Monarchy, Kingship, Royalism and more, all from the furthest reaches of the American republic: Seattle, Washington.

Leah XL

Leah XL

The British Tik-Tok sensation and brand journalist, Leah XL, discovers world-wide topics that matter to not only her fans, but you too!

Crown & Country Radio is proud to create speciality music programmes which capture the mood, feel, and direction of the nation then and now. No matter your age and interests, we have it all! From the Royal sounds of the Queen’s guards, to the patriotic tunes you know and love, to the War Darling Dame Vera Lynn herself, we have you covered. Educational narratives combined with the music of today and yesteryear; provide a fun and knowledgeable listening experience, especially when festive seasons are afoot!  

Royal Sounds of The Realm

Featuring the most well known and little heard Royal songs you may or may not know. Learn history through song.


Musical Memories of World War II

Dedicated to the men and women of WWII. Music, speeches, testimony and military history.

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Halloween Music Spooktacular

Halloween is here and so are the festive favourites you know and love. Delight in musical fright!


The Best of British Boy Bands

A return to the 80's and 90's for famed harmonising boy bands, from one hit wonders to those still around.


I love London Musical Spectacular

Dedicated to the various musical scenes painted through lyric and verse about the UK's capital, London.


The Best of British Girl Bands

A return to the 80's, 90's & 00's for famed harmonising girl bands, from one hit wonders to those still around.

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